Alhamdulillah! It’s almost #WorldHijabDay and I wish to share my hijab story with you. I was born and raised in a muslim family but the concept of hijab wasn’t stressed that much notwithstanding the fact that our parents (may Allah bless them) never allowed us to go out without covering our hair and Alhamdulillah we wore modest clothes. But that was all that I knew about Hijab – I’ve always thought it’s a way to differentiate us from the kuffar and that was it. So long as I’ll cover my hair with a headscarf, It doesn’t matter if I wear tight garments – hijab meant literally just a headscarf to me.

Until about 2-3 years back when I lost my brother inlaw. There and then it hit me – I realised that life is just a sojourn and someday we will all depart. Albeit that loss shattered me, it was my key to set my soul free from the shackles of life. Long story short, amongst the things I wanted to do was to start observing the full hijab.

At first, the going was tough. I grew up in an environment where implementing hijab is a matter of will. I never got the zeal and drive to cover-up completely. So I started wearing it after listening to Kamal El-mekki’s To Veil or Not To Veil? but I couldn’t keep up because it was an iman Rush that pushed me to it and I didn’t follow the withholding procedure so I dropped it. But like I said, my soul was about to be set free from the shackles of this dunya.

I didn’t give up. When next I had the iman Rush, I went about with it systematically. I started reading about Hijab and its paramount purpose in islam. I came across #WorldHijabDay last year and I took part actively in supporting it on Twitter when people were not much in support of it even though I maintained being a “partial Hijabi” as I call it.

I kept on dropping it each time but I never gave up. My ulterior motive was to get closer to Allah and since He prescribed it for us in the Qur’an then I knew Hijab was the right choice. I continued pushing hard.

It wasn’t until recently that I finally settled to become a full time Hijabi. Ever since, my life has changed. I now feel liberated, safer, secured, protected, a better person and above all; closer to Allah.

As for those who criticize the Hijab, they don’t know how liberating it is. It sets one free from being a slave of modern standards of beauty and sexuality. Women who wear hijab are not subjected to being judged by their physical appearance but rather by their personality, integrity and inner beauty – something all ladies deserve to be judged with.

Everything which Allah made beautiful, He clothes. Allah has made you beautiful and He ordained you to cover yourself.

May Allah guide us to understand the true essence of covering our aura and to implement it, ameen!