Alhamdulillah, today almost everybody is trying to come close to Allah (SWT) in order to secure a house in Jannah. Ma shaa Allah there’s global awareness about Hijab, people now listen to halal songs (nasheed). The Internet is one platform that has made this a success.

In desperation to come close to Allah, people surf the net and go as far as relying on Internet Sheikhs and Muftis

which sometimes can prove detrimental. These sheikhs make Islam look harder than it is; they depict Islam as a Religion of cruel rules and regulations. They don’t really define what it means to say there’s no compulsion in religion. I’m not saying one shouldn’t make an effort to get closer to Allah by going extra miles to achieve that, I’m just not comfortable as to how some internet sheikhs make it seem. A few of these misconceptions is the way some portray severe punishments. One is left horrified, hopeless and confused.

In essence, It’s not every information you get on the net that you’ll work with, some of them can be deluding and misleading due to lack of authenticity. I’m not condemning Sheikh Google in any way, but what I am trying to say is that we should take utmost care from where we get our Islamic knowledge because some of these sources are rather bleak.

Some of the trustworthy sites include , , , Muslim Central on Podcast and the likes. And also, lectures by Mufti Isma’il Menk, Sheikh Umar Suleiman, Sheikh Nouman Ali Khan among others should be sought for. Huda TV (Nilesat) and Islam channel (DSTV) are one such channels that you can, to some extent rely on. But the best way to acquire Islamic knowledge is from a local sheikh – one you can discuss one on one with, so going back to Islamic school (islamiyya) remains the best option. Recite lots of Qur’an and fast once in awhile, Allah will cause one’s heart to naturally draw towards success. And ultimately, du’a is the key to success.

May Allah ease the struggle for us to come closer to him and may our hearts be forever attached to the deen. May Allah guide us to the most authentic Islamic sources, ameen.