SITUATION AND TIMES WHEN DU’A IS ACCEPTED (best times for making du’a)

   Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah wa Barkatuhu. All praise be to Allah (SWT) and may the peace and blessings of Allah be on Muhammad (SAW), his entire household, all of his companions and our righteous predecessors till the Day of Recompense. 

Amma ba’ad. Alhamdulillah Allah has blessed us and answered our du’a of wanting to witness and Fast the Month of Ramadan. It’s indeed an honour done to us by the Almighty. It will be wise of us if we cease such an opportunity to make tremendous du’a before we lose hold of the month. As such, here are some recommended times of du’a and situations -things that cause du’a to be accepted. 


  1. The person who has been wronged or oppressed 
  2. The person who finds themselves in severe difficulty 
  3. After a calamity has struck a person
  4. The one who is traveling 
  5. The one who is fasting
  6. The one who is reciting the Qur’an or has just recited the Qur’an
  7. The one who is performing hajj or umrah or jihad (for the sake of Allah).
  8. The one who is making du’a for someone in their absence. Because we know that when you make a du’a for a brother or sister in his absence, an angel says Ameen onto you. 
  9. The one who is in a state of remembering Allah azza wa jal
  10. The just ruler.

  These are some of the situations that the ulama mentioned that if you find yourself to be in this situation… your du’a will be accepted. 

As for times of the day, or the week, or the month, or the year when your du’a is accepted, then:

  1. During the month of Ramadan. Du’a on laylatul Qadr (the night of decree). 
  2. The last third of the night. So divide the night between Maghrib and Fajr into three pieces. The last third of the night
  3. When the adhaan is called. So between the adhaan and the iqamah is when you should make your du’a. 
  4. During the prayer: While prostrating – the closest that a slave is to his Lord is when he is in a state of prostration (sujood). 
  5. At the end of the prayer, after you have finished the tashahud. 
  6. After the prayer, once you have finished your adhkar, your dhikr that you make after the prayer.

These are times when the scholars mentioned that your du’a is accepted. 

  1. An hour on Friday.. Or a period of the time on Friday. The scholars gave different views over when this is. Some of them said it is when the imam sits down between the two khutbahs (sermons). And some of them said that it is at the last period of the time before Maghrib. And they have other opinions. But frequently making du’a on Friday, particularly when the imam sits down between the two khutbahs. And after the khutbah and frequent making it just before Maghrib on Friday. 
  2. Before drinking zamzam water. Because zamzam is whatever it is drunk for. 
  3. Du’a while visiting the sick. 
  4. Du’a when the rain falls. 
  5. And du’a at the crowing of a rooster. 

All these are times and situations , that are mentioned within the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in which your du’a is accepted. So it’s up to us to learn them and put them in to practice And to become people who frequently make du’a. 

  But remember that there are conditions that ought to be fulfilled to have your du’as to be accepted such as halal earning. This shall be discussed in another post in shaa Allah togethr with the Power of Du’a. May Allah make us among those that make du’a, Ameen. Because, also the prophet (SAW) is reported to have said the du’a (supplication) is worship. Allah loves a responds to a caller who humbly calls Him. 
Credit: Muhammad Tim Humble. 

Wallahu ta’ala a’alam.


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