Written by sister Najeeba

   Beneath that burqa, beneath that niqab, beneath that loose abaya, beneath that hijab.. I too, have something that I want to flaunt.. that I want people to look at and say “damn, she’s got the figure of a model”, “she’s got the silkiest skin and the most perfect complexion”. I want to post my picture on Instagram and give a pictorial summary of my mood on snapchat. I want to slay Eid and get the most retweets on Twitter for best Sallafie. I’m also human and I have raging desires stripped of pride and seeking for attention. But no. I know better than to go about clothe yet naked, I know my worth. I don’t need any validation from any man. My principles and religion demand that I cover. Why seek attention When I was Fashioned by the One who designed and structured everything that is in the heavens and the earth, the One that created beauty. 
   I’m not oppressed. On the contrary, I am the definition of Liberty, freedom to live and wear what pleases me and my Creator. I should not forget that I was created not to please the eyes of men rather to worship the Lord who created me and that worship entails that I beautify myself for him and those whom He’s made halal that I show them of my awrah only. 
   I refuse to be oppressed by men seeking to satisfy their wanton desires. I refuse to turn a blind eye to what my Lord has instructed me to do, I refuse to not heed the advice that my Prophet SAW has lovingly put forth for me. My Lord has blessed me with senses and of it is the sense of judgment to differentiate the right from the wrong and choose thereof. I’ve heard and believed of what lies ahead — the Day when my deeds will be brought forth by my Lord for nations to see, for Prophets to watch and for angels to bear witness and I want to make my Prophet SAW proud for being part of His Ummah.
   I can take the spiteful comments that people hurl at me about my hijab, being called unclassy, being labelled as an extremist. But By Allah, I can not take the punishment of the Grave. By Allah I can not stand to be put into Jahannam set ablaze.
   I’ve chosen a path – a path to salvation and my hijab in shaa Allah will take me an inch closer so long as I make and keep my intentions only to please Allah (SWT). Hijab is my pride, my protection yet alleviation, what represents me out in the open – what defines me. 



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