July 17, 2017.

Dear mum and dad,

   40 years together? Ma shaa Allah! To us, you are amongst the greatest example to the world that perfect couples do exists. 40 years down and it’s like each year you two find new ways to keep your love young. You keep beating the odds and proving that marriage can work for as long as the souls stay in their bodies. 

You make us have an in depth understanding of the Prophet’s saying: “When a person gets married he has completed half of his religion, so let him fear Allaah with regard to the other half.”Al- Albaani said of these two hadeeths in Saheeh al-Targheeb wa’l-Tarheeb (1916): “(They are) hasan li ghayrihi.” …for indeed you exemplify what it means!

People tell me that my parents look young. Yes, they do. That’s because they live a healthy marital life. I’ve heard of Muhammad (P.B.U.H) and Khadijah (R.A) and I agree that what they had was so beautiful.. Alhamdulillah, I can also say that my parents have something very close to what they had.

We are indeed happy and proud children. You are the best parents in the world. We keep thanking Allah for the enormous blessing He has conferred upon us by giving us you two as parents who not only cherish us, but serve as role models. We couldn’t have asked Allah for better parents and role models had we been given the option to. Indeed Allah is the best planner for planning your being our parents is the best plan for us that we by ourselves can never orchestrate. We give thanks to Allah and you two. 

We pray that we make you proud always in shaa Allah. Just like you took care of us when we were young and are still relentlessly taking care of us like we are still those little babies in our diapers, we pray that Allah give us the strength to take care of you always, lower to you the wing of humility out of mercy and say, “My Lord, have mercy upon them as they brought me up [when I was] small” at all times. We pray that Allah SWT continue to keep you two together till the end and let you continue being together in Al-Jannatul Firdaus, Ameen. 

We love you more than words can describe. 

With utmost love, your children( Abdullahi, Ummi Hajara, Aisha, Najiba and Amina Rayhana.. and your little grandchild, Nazeef❤️)


EID IS NOT A TIME FOR ME TO LOOSEN MY HIJAB (For my dear sister struggling to obey Q24:V31)

It’s Eid again, Alhamdulillah! The hashtag this year is #BlackOutEid and this has got me excited! It’s finally time to wear that brand new dress I collected from my tailor last night. That guy almost gave me a heart attack. Sewn to fit, you’d swear it was made on me. Super Wax is N39,000 this year, the tailor did a great job in accentuating my curves.. what a way to bring out it’s worth! SALAFIE GAME ON, SALAFIE GAME STRONG! The 150k I spent to attend makeup school better payoff. I already see myself being crowned slay queen 2017. 

Even though my scalp still hurts a bit because I think the hairstylist didn’t wash the relaxer off my hair in time, My hairdo is P-E-N-G (What’s does that spell? PENG!) Gosh! My henna is so flawless, you’d think It’s tattooed. Aaah! I just remembered the I.V to the Sallah barbecue I was invited and I heard everyone is coming and also they’ll be inviting badman binladin.. “you for me!!!”. Can Eid get better?! I heard he’s retired, so I doubt if he’d be coming. It’s been long since my ears listened to music.. 29 days felt like forever. Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram better get ready ’cause they will be rocked this Eid. Oh yeah, whatsapp status!!! I will make sure I get the most likes and retweets. I sense a new fashion statement in the making.

Wait.. it was Ramadan that just passed, right? Darn it! Satan has been released today, no wonder what I didn’t find appealing during the month all of a sudden has my heart. 29 days of worshipping Allah about to come crashing. 29 days of abstinence.. Not just from food, but from going out without the correct hijab, from keeping away from unnecessary intermingling with boys, 29 days of lowering my gaze. I’ve spent twenty nine good days trying to build a Master-Slave relationship with my creator in the best of months. Those tears I shedded in the darkest hours of the night seeking for forgiveness all to waste? I worked so hard to fast and pray hoping for reward from Him perhaps He will forgive me. Am I ready to throw it all away for cheap comments from people? ..to satisfy my wanton desire of feeling good because people say I am beautiful? Am I ready to be oppressed by those girls seemingly winning the slaying game?

I wonder, will Allah be pleased with me if I engage in such? I know, my raging human desire demand that I go out there and have the haram type of fun. But Eid is not a time for us to drop our manners and say it’s just for three days. It’s a time we are to thank Allah for giving us an opportunity to worship Him relentlessly for a month, a time to celebrate and praise Him for giving us an opportunity to redeem ourselves, a time to enjoy from what He has given us from His bounty. 

“Many were the generations before you We destroyed when they did wrong..” Q10:V13

How sure am I that I am better than those that did wrong? No, I’d rather take the hurtful remarks that people will throw at me when I go out with the hijab. Yeah I’ll look grotesque, perhaps even revolting. My friends will probably wonder why I didn’t post any salafie this year and even if I do, it will be with my hijab on. If there’s one thing then it’s me being trained better by Ramadan than to seek for human attention. It’s only by His Rahama that I’ve made it out of the month alive. I’m not better than those who lost theirs during the month. It’s too early for me to loosen my Hijab. I’m ashamed to be such an ungrateful slave. 

From what I’ve learnt during the month, the grave is dark and scary except for s/he who did well following the commandments of Allah, Jahannam is too hot a fire to bear and death can overtake us any minute. What will I say to Allah when He calls me to account for my deeds on the Day of Judgment? That I wanted to slay that’s why I went about half naked? Well, How about those ladies prettier than me that were strong and choose not to? Did they want to go to Jannah while I choose to pass on that? Men, I’d only be doing myself a favour to hold on tight to what is right for Allah said: 

“To those who do right is a good (reward) and more (than in measure)! No darkness nor shame shall cover their faces! They are Companions of the Garden, therein they will abide (forever).” Q10:26

Albeit I am seeking attention, but not here. I’m seeking to be recognised and hailed by my Creator in the midst of angels high up in the Heavens. Eid won’t make me loosen my Hijab because that will defeat the purpose of the celebration. It’s a commandment by Allah for us to wear the Hijab. If we don’t, we are disobeying Him and that will spell doom for us. Jannah is not for the weak, you have to be strong and steadfast in obeying Allah for you to be worthy of a spot. So what if some ladies don’t wear it, you’ll be judged differently. And don’t look down upon them if they don’t wear the Hijab, that might be their only struggle while you are here dealing with a heap of sins. 

…this year I’m going to slay wearing my hijab! 
Please note: This is fiction. This is often times the situation our dear sisters find themselves in and shy away from the thought of Allah being watchful over them. 



   Western civilization, which has crept into the Nigerian culture has given womanhood a new shade. Women are mentally being forced to be objects rather than subjects and are being oppressed by being subjected to conform with the modern standards of beauty and sexuality. Unless a woman defines her body and presents it to the world, she will be accorded little or no recognition at all. People often times regard modest women as being out of fashion or religious extremist.

    Modesty has become very expensive. Clothing the body is supposed to be a growth in civilisation as the early humans did not cover their body. Decency was born out of the evolution of the human race. Women are being described by the figure of their body rather than being awarded recognition for their personality, dignity and for their capabilities for making an impact for the Betterment of the society. 

  Today a woman that is shown on music videos posing half naked or one who models for nude magazines is known more than one who is making a change in the society. Our sisters at tender age are having their minds polluted by undear advertisement of nudity. Hardly do you turn on the T.V or tune in the radio and listen to a female intellectual giant speak. Men have been accorded the juicy spotlight while women are left to be puppets or sex machines for men that lack chivalry or, are used for soap operas. 

    The voice of the African lady is muted especially the Nigerian girl-child. Our girls have myriad potentials that are not being tapped. They need to be put into the system or at least, shown the path to decency. ‘Girl-child education’ has become a cliché since after acquiring the knowledge she’s not given the chance to showcase her talents.

Women should open their eyes and discover their worth. They should not let people delude them and force them to shirk their obligations. 

    We need girl-child empowerment. T.V shows, radio talks and also school-to-school talks should be organised and put in place to draw the minds of the females in this country that they have a place to surface their talents. 
    We also make part of one Nigeria and we deserve to be heard and appreciated. It’s about time the Nigerian woman is responded to by the nation. 

   Written by a concerned Nigerian, Najiba Muhammad Mu’azu.


Written by sister Najeeba

   Beneath that burqa, beneath that niqab, beneath that loose abaya, beneath that hijab.. I too, have something that I want to flaunt.. that I want people to look at and say “damn, she’s got the figure of a model”, “she’s got the silkiest skin and the most perfect complexion”. I want to post my picture on Instagram and give a pictorial summary of my mood on snapchat. I want to slay Eid and get the most retweets on Twitter for best Sallafie. I’m also human and I have raging desires stripped of pride and seeking for attention. But no. I know better than to go about clothe yet naked, I know my worth. I don’t need any validation from any man. My principles and religion demand that I cover. Why seek attention When I was Fashioned by the One who designed and structured everything that is in the heavens and the earth, the One that created beauty. 
   I’m not oppressed. On the contrary, I am the definition of Liberty, freedom to live and wear what pleases me and my Creator. I should not forget that I was created not to please the eyes of men rather to worship the Lord who created me and that worship entails that I beautify myself for him and those whom He’s made halal that I show them of my awrah only. 
   I refuse to be oppressed by men seeking to satisfy their wanton desires. I refuse to turn a blind eye to what my Lord has instructed me to do, I refuse to not heed the advice that my Prophet SAW has lovingly put forth for me. My Lord has blessed me with senses and of it is the sense of judgment to differentiate the right from the wrong and choose thereof. I’ve heard and believed of what lies ahead — the Day when my deeds will be brought forth by my Lord for nations to see, for Prophets to watch and for angels to bear witness and I want to make my Prophet SAW proud for being part of His Ummah.
   I can take the spiteful comments that people hurl at me about my hijab, being called unclassy, being labelled as an extremist. But By Allah, I can not take the punishment of the Grave. By Allah I can not stand to be put into Jahannam set ablaze.
   I’ve chosen a path – a path to salvation and my hijab in shaa Allah will take me an inch closer so long as I make and keep my intentions only to please Allah (SWT). Hijab is my pride, my protection yet alleviation, what represents me out in the open – what defines me. 

SITUATION AND TIMES WHEN DU’A IS ACCEPTED (best times for making du’a)

   Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah wa Barkatuhu. All praise be to Allah (SWT) and may the peace and blessings of Allah be on Muhammad (SAW), his entire household, all of his companions and our righteous predecessors till the Day of Recompense. 

Amma ba’ad. Alhamdulillah Allah has blessed us and answered our du’a of wanting to witness and Fast the Month of Ramadan. It’s indeed an honour done to us by the Almighty. It will be wise of us if we cease such an opportunity to make tremendous du’a before we lose hold of the month. As such, here are some recommended times of du’a and situations -things that cause du’a to be accepted. 


  1. The person who has been wronged or oppressed 
  2. The person who finds themselves in severe difficulty 
  3. After a calamity has struck a person
  4. The one who is traveling 
  5. The one who is fasting
  6. The one who is reciting the Qur’an or has just recited the Qur’an
  7. The one who is performing hajj or umrah or jihad (for the sake of Allah).
  8. The one who is making du’a for someone in their absence. Because we know that when you make a du’a for a brother or sister in his absence, an angel says Ameen onto you. 
  9. The one who is in a state of remembering Allah azza wa jal
  10. The just ruler.

  These are some of the situations that the ulama mentioned that if you find yourself to be in this situation… your du’a will be accepted. 

As for times of the day, or the week, or the month, or the year when your du’a is accepted, then:

  1. During the month of Ramadan. Du’a on laylatul Qadr (the night of decree). 
  2. The last third of the night. So divide the night between Maghrib and Fajr into three pieces. The last third of the night
  3. When the adhaan is called. So between the adhaan and the iqamah is when you should make your du’a. 
  4. During the prayer: While prostrating – the closest that a slave is to his Lord is when he is in a state of prostration (sujood). 
  5. At the end of the prayer, after you have finished the tashahud. 
  6. After the prayer, once you have finished your adhkar, your dhikr that you make after the prayer.

These are times when the scholars mentioned that your du’a is accepted. 

  1. An hour on Friday.. Or a period of the time on Friday. The scholars gave different views over when this is. Some of them said it is when the imam sits down between the two khutbahs (sermons). And some of them said that it is at the last period of the time before Maghrib. And they have other opinions. But frequently making du’a on Friday, particularly when the imam sits down between the two khutbahs. And after the khutbah and frequent making it just before Maghrib on Friday. 
  2. Before drinking zamzam water. Because zamzam is whatever it is drunk for. 
  3. Du’a while visiting the sick. 
  4. Du’a when the rain falls. 
  5. And du’a at the crowing of a rooster. 

All these are times and situations , that are mentioned within the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in which your du’a is accepted. So it’s up to us to learn them and put them in to practice And to become people who frequently make du’a. 

  But remember that there are conditions that ought to be fulfilled to have your du’as to be accepted such as halal earning. This shall be discussed in another post in shaa Allah togethr with the Power of Du’a. May Allah make us among those that make du’a, Ameen. Because, also the prophet (SAW) is reported to have said the du’a (supplication) is worship. Allah loves a responds to a caller who humbly calls Him. 
Credit: Muhammad Tim Humble. 

Wallahu ta’ala a’alam.


Alhamdulillah, today almost everybody is trying to come close to Allah (SWT) in order to secure a house in Jannah. Ma shaa Allah there’s global awareness about Hijab, people now listen to halal songs (nasheed). The Internet is one platform that has made this a success.

In desperation to come close to Allah, people surf the net and go as far as relying on Internet Sheikhs and Muftis

which sometimes can prove detrimental. These sheikhs make Islam look harder than it is; they depict Islam as a Religion of cruel rules and regulations. They don’t really define what it means to say there’s no compulsion in religion. I’m not saying one shouldn’t make an effort to get closer to Allah by going extra miles to achieve that, I’m just not comfortable as to how some internet sheikhs make it seem. A few of these misconceptions is the way some portray severe punishments. One is left horrified, hopeless and confused.

In essence, It’s not every information you get on the net that you’ll work with, some of them can be deluding and misleading due to lack of authenticity. I’m not condemning Sheikh Google in any way, but what I am trying to say is that we should take utmost care from where we get our Islamic knowledge because some of these sources are rather bleak.

Some of the trustworthy sites include islamqa.info , kalamullah.com , virtualmosque.com , Muslim Central on Podcast and the likes. And also, lectures by Mufti Isma’il Menk, Sheikh Umar Suleiman, Sheikh Nouman Ali Khan among others should be sought for. Huda TV (Nilesat) and Islam channel (DSTV) are one such channels that you can, to some extent rely on. But the best way to acquire Islamic knowledge is from a local sheikh – one you can discuss one on one with, so going back to Islamic school (islamiyya) remains the best option. Recite lots of Qur’an and fast once in awhile, Allah will cause one’s heart to naturally draw towards success. And ultimately, du’a is the key to success.

May Allah ease the struggle for us to come closer to him and may our hearts be forever attached to the deen. May Allah guide us to the most authentic Islamic sources, ameen.

With Hardship comes Ease 


Verily with hardship there is ease
Quran (94:5)

You know we’re always taught this ayah, with hardship comes ease. But the way we’re taught how to understand is always that if you have a difficulty in your life then after it will come a time of ease. But recently I’ve come to understand this in a very different way.
It says with hardship comes ease not after hardship comes ease, so surely that means even in times of difficulty there is still blessings in your life? This is how the dunya was created right? Not all bad but not all good. We have a bit of both together. Not as people normally interpret it as you will have something bad in your life then something good then something bad and so on.
So even when you are going through something difficult and painful we will still have good things in…

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